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Are You Proactive in Your Human Resources Practices?

Are you successful in promoting positive employee involvement in your organization's success? What are some of the ways you can avoid overlooking implementing solid, consistent Human Resources practices?  Register Now

Employee Health Management - How Employee Health Can Affect Your Bottom Line

What are some of the steps you, as an organization, can take to tackle the Cost, Claims, Health Cycle? Employers are increasingly viewing Wellness & Population Health Management as a vital way to help control benefit costs, while simultaneously improving employee health, morale and productivity.  View Webinar on Demand

First 100 Days: What Changes May Affect Your Organization

There is a lot of uncertainty around the future of ACA and DOL regulations. We know that you and your employees have a lot of questions. Join Group Service's own Doug Petersma for a webinar where we discuss what changes may impact your organization. View Webinar on Demand

Trends in Performance Management

Imagine that you were running a sports organization. What would happen if the goal for the team was just to win, but little thought went into how they were going to do that? How successful do you think this team might be? Join Doug Petersma for trends to expect in 2017.
View Webinar on Demand

Are You Prepared to Implement the New OSHA Tracking Rules?

Join us for a webinar with our partner, Falcon Safety, to learn more about this final OSHA rule and how it may affect your organization. View Webinar on Demand

7 Tips for Attracting & Retaining Talent

Today it has become paramount for companies to attract the best and retain the best. Accomplishing this should be a top priority of the CEO or business owner, not just an activity for HR to manage  View Webinar on Demand.


Group Services of Iowa and Illinois

Compliance Updates and Legal Alerts

Legal Alert: Senate Republicans Release Updated Draft of ACA Repeal Bill... Read details

Legal Alert: Houe Committees Release Proposed Legislation to Repeal and Replace the ACA... Read details

Legal Alert: President Trump Issues Executive Order on the Affordable Care Act... Read details

Legal Alert: Congress Passes Law Extending the Use of HRAs by Small Employers... Read details