GSI Webinar Medication Compliance - Reducing Your Organization's Medical Spend

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GSI Webinar Medication Compliance - Reducing Your Organization's Medical Spend

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Does the pharmacy your employees and their families use improve medication compliance and reduce your medical spend? 

When patients don’t take their medications as directed, the consequences can include worsening health conditions and added medical expenses. Studies show that medication non-adherence results in $290 billion per year in wasted medical spend. This added spend is reflected in higher health claims and increasing employer benefit plan premiums. Join us for a webinar where we invite Dr. Arvind Movva, practicing physician and founder and CEO of divvyDOSE, to explain how this next generation pharmacy is working to break this trend. Listen in as Dr. Movva describes how divvyDOSE can help the employees in your organization use the benefits of this pharmacy to increase their medication adherence, improve their overall health and drive healthcare costs down. 

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Presenter: Dr. Arvind Movva
Founder & CEO

A second-generation practicing physician, Arvind became increasingly frustrated watching his patients suffer with chronic diseases that could be managed by taking the right medication at the right dose at the right time. The problem is that people are human. We usually mess something up. Just watch five minutes of reality TV. People can forget, overlook, double-up and make all sorts of other mistakes that prevent them from taking the correct medication to keep them healthy. He saw a flaw in the system and moved with ninja-like speed and precision to correct it. With divvyDOSE, Arvind envisioned an elegant solution to an imperfect system with empathy and wellness in mind. Arvind's a family man, with an extremely supportive wife and four small children, all under 6. He likes to ski, lip sync to '90's hip-hop, and has a dog named Bruce Lee. And even though he'll look you in the eye and deny it, he owns a minivan. When you're a dad to a small army of teacup humans, you don't really have a choice.

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