New I-9 must be used by January 22, 2017

You can go to their website and read about the new form from the following web site,  If you are looking for the actual form use this link, ttps://

The newer form is a 3 page form.  You can also download the 15 pages of instructions from the web sites listed.  It is recommended you download them on Explorer or Firefox as opposed to Chrome.  You should note that employers are to make sure employees have access to instructions on how to complete the I-9.

The new form is supposed to help reduce technical errors and make it easier to complete.  If you use the on-line editable version there are help markers on each field.  Employers who use the editable version on-line should take note that you still must retain a signed hard copy form for your files.  You cannot maintain electronic storage of I-9 forms.

You may start using the new forms immediately if you want to.  Anyone filling out the form after January 22, 2017 MUST use the new form.

If you have additional questions, or concerns about the usage of the I-9 form please call a Group Services Team member at 800.925.8846, today!

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