2012 Employee Benefits Newsletters & Compliance Updates

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2012 Group Services Newsletter Archive

At Group Services we know that distributing relevant information to our clients in a timely manner is important - especially when it comes to health care reform and issues that impact compliance.  If you remember a past newsletter that you received but can no longer find it in your inbox we have compiled an archive of all Group Services newsletters since 2011.  

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Group Services

Group Services Employee Benefits Newsletters and Compliance Updates

December 2012 Newsletter: Sick Leave Benefits

November 2012 Newsletter: Dependent Care FSAs Can Save Money

October 2012 Newsletter: Better Communications for Better Employee Satisfaction
 * Alert: Health Care Reform - New Requirements

September 2012 Newsletter: Life Insurance Awareness Month
 * Alert: Financial Impact of Exchanges Webinar

August 2012 Newsletter: Retirement Benefits
 * Alert: Wellness Strategies that Work Webinar

July 2012 Newsletter: Cash Balance Plans
 * Alert: Health Care Reform Update Webinar

June 2012 Newsletter: National Employee Wellness Month
 * Alert: Wellness and GINA Webinar
 * Alert: Supreme Court Affordable Care Act Decision

May 2012 Newsletter: Mental Health Month
 * Alert: Mental Health Conditions and Wellness

April 2012 Newsletter: Filling the Benefits Gap with Insurance Plans
 * Alert: FMLA Webinar Registration

March 2012 Newsletter: How to Protect Retirement Funds
 * Alert: COBRA Webinar Reminder

February 2012 Newsletter: Avoid Costly Discrimination Claims
 * Alert: COBRA Workshop: An Instructional Overview

January 2012 Newsletter: Health Care Reform: What’s Happening in 2012
 * Alert: Winning Strategies to Manage Benefits Seminar

Group Services

2011 Newsletter and Alert Messages


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