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ERISA Compliance Seminar - Download Presentation

ERISA Compliance Workshop - Download Presentation

Download ERISA PresentationOn July 18th this ERISA Compliance Workshop kicked off the Group Services series, "Your Response to Healthcare Reform", a set of 4 seminars / webinars educating employers about solutions to control costs and reduce risks during the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Click here for more information about the Your Response to Healthcare Reform Series.

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Why All the Talk About ERISA Compliance Now?

ERISA Audits on the Rise
Department of Labor (DOL) conducts more than 3,000 audits per year to discover some sort of failure in ERISA compliance. An estimated three out of four plans they audit has had an ERISA violation.
ERISA Noncompliance Can Equate to Big Fines
Did you know that the benefit plan summary you get from your insurance carrier does not satisfy the Summary Plan Description (SPD) disclosure requirement?  Did you know that you may be fined up to $110 per day, per employee, for not complying with the SPD disclosure requirements under ERISA?  That's $40,150 per year, per employee!

Download the presentation for more details on how your organization can avoid big penalties and remain compliant with ERISA guidelines.