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Iowa Insurance Agency Testimonial

Group Services, Inc.
Attn.: Tally Curry, Director, Group Services Experience
3066 Victoria Street
Bettendorf, IA 52722
RE: My Recent (August 2016), Experience with Group Services, Inc. 
Dear Tally, 
I’m recovering from the back surgery I had done on August 19, 2016, and want to share my experience and thank Group Services, Inc., for the outstanding service and assistance that I received from them, related to that back surgery.
I have health insurance as a member of the Carpetland USA Group Health plan, that Group Services, Inc. is the plan administrator/coordinator. I suffered my back injury while traveling in Northern Michigan, on July 28, 2016. Made my way home, being wheel-chaired through airports, as, I was in extreme pain, and really couldn’t walk.
Once home, I was working to determine exactly what was wrong with my back, and how do we make it better. I had an MRI done, was referred to a neck & back specialist doctor, and, it was determined I had blown out a disc in my lower back and needed surgery. This process took approximately two weeks. Please keep in mind, that; during that time period and until I would have back surgery, I was in extreme pain, and even limited movement was a large challenge. 
So, now were working on getting “medical clearance” for the surgery, Wellmark (Insurance Company) insurance approval, and with the doctor’s & hospital’s schedules. The large looming issue is; you can’t a surgery scheduled until the insurance company has approved it, and my doctor will be gone after August 19, 2016, until September 1, 2016. I am lying around my house in pain, and have no life. If, the “insurance approval” can’t get done in a very limited time frame; I am going to lose another two weeks. I’m going crazy!
I asked Carpetland USA, to advise Group Services, Inc. (Tom Schuetz), of the situation, and see if they could help. Immediately, the Group Services Team jumped into the action on my behalf. Cathy was contacting me, people were making various contacts with Wellmark, and all asking what needed to be done to get this approval pushed through the system. In fairness to Wellmark, and all concerned; we were asking for and seeking approval for this surgery in much less time than is standard. It felt like; we were looking for a small miracle. Fortunately for me, Group Services wouldn’t accept “it can’t be done” as an answer, and they made my miracle happen! Wellmark, did push through the surgery request and approved it. I was the last surgery performed by the doctor on Friday, August 19, 2016 prior to his departure.
With many thanks to the Group Services Team, on September 1, 2016, I was well into my recover, instead of having been suffering extreme pain for those two weeks, and just now having the surgery. Plus, with having had my surgery when I did, I will be able to make a coveted/”bucket list” golf trip to Pebble Beach, in October 2016. Group Services Team’s, time, effort, and professionalism, made a huge difference for me.
I would strongly recommend Group Services, Inc. to any company that values, personal and professional service, for its members. You don’t really realize how important that is, until you need it.
Michael D. Langan.

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