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Illinois Employee Benefits Testimonial

This is a long overdue thank you for you and your staff at Group Services. I have had many positive experiences working with Group Services and wanted to convey those to you. Our relationship began years ago when Group Services shared a creative idea that would provide a generous benefit plan to our employees while saving us money in the process. Throughout the years, that creative idea has served our employees very well in addition to saving us thousands on what we would have paid for traditional coverage. Each year I challenge Group Services to provide us with great benefits at affordable costs and Group Services meets that challenge.

Another key aspect worth mentioning is the personalized service we get from Group Services. This service is of great value to our employees. They know they can call your office to get their difficult and confidential benefit questions resolved. Your representatives are friendly, prompt, and helpful to our workforce. This not only makes the experience enjoyable for our employees but makes it effortless on my part for the administration of our benefit plan.

Our company values the relationship we have formed over the years!


Denise Ormsby
Chief Financial Officer
A.D. Huesing Corporation
Rock Island, IL 61201

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