BAN Webinar - Affordable Care Act and Cadillac Tax - An Overview

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6-8-16 BAN Affordable Care Act and Cadillac Tax - An Overview

Recorded June 8, 2016 

The Affordable Care Act continues to be top of mind for companies across industry. Stay up to date on regualtory issues, the status of the Cadillac Tax, calculating the cost of coverage, and identify who is repsonsible to pay the tax. Join this webinar and learn what types of coverage are subject to the Cadillac tax, understand policy reasons behind the Cadillac Tax, and review strategies to avoid it.

Presenter: Stacy Borrow

Stacy Barrow - Compliance

Stacy H. Barrow has extensive technical knowledge and experience designing and implementing employee benefits and compensation plans. Stacy uses a practical, business focused approach to counsel his clients on complex employee benefits and executive compensation matters.

Stacy joins us as a partner at law firm Marathas Barrow & Weatherhead, LLP.


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