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2016 News Archives

Newsletters from 2016

          December 2016:  Tax Reform Proposal Would Undermine Health System

          November 2016: Is Your Healthplan Ready for 2017

          October 2016: Why Most Employers are Eyeing Public Exhanges

          September 2016: How Self-Funded Employers Manage Catastrophic Claims

          August 2016: Obamacare Would Send Uninsured Rate Soaring

          July 2016: How Your Health Insurance Premiums are Calculated

          June 2016: Compliance Dates, Deadlines & Changes

          May 2016: Why Prescription Drugs Cost so Much

          April 2016: HDHPs and HSAs, FMLA Form

          March 2016: Health Benefit Update

          February 2016: How Medicare Works 

          January 2016Health Plans, Pharmacy Benefits