2015 Recorded Webinar Archives

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2015 Recorded Webinar Archives

Employee Benefits & Affordable Care Act (ACA) Webinars

Unable to attend one of our employee benefits or Afforable Care Act (ACA) compliance webinars?  Did you attend a live webinar and want to share it with colleagues, or watch it agian?  Recent webinars are available below for you to watch on-demand. View upcoming live webinars.

Webinars Hosted by Group Services

Assisting Your Employees with Healthcare Decisions After Life Events

View this pre-recorded webinar with Lori Humiston for an information on how to handle your employee's life transition questions and how Group Services can help!

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Employee Handbooks - The Keys to Success

Watch this pre-recorded webinar as Catherine Hughes, Group Services Director of Human Resources, discusses the importance of the employee handbook, what should be included, and the processes involved.

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Cadillac Tax: What is Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Watch this pre-recorded webinar as Tom Schuetz, Group Services Co-President, devotes an hour to explaining the Cadillac Tax and how it will impact your organization.

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Health Care Reform Annual Reporting, What do I do Now?

Listen to this pre-recorded webinar as Tom Schuetz, Group Services Co-President, teaches you about the new annual IRS reporting (Forms 1094-C and 1095-C).

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Webinars from our Experts at the Benefit Advisors Network (BAN)

12/16/15 Year in Review & Future Forecast

This webinar reviews the major legal and regulatory changes in 2015 affecting employee health and welfare benefit plans, and what to expect in 2016.

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10/28/15 Setting Goals and Expectations to "Fit" Your Company

Learn how we define Wellness, how to craft a wellness program strategy, and what type of vendors to include. This webinar will also discuss how to define goals for your wellness program and provide clarity in the area of ROI expectations. 

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10/22/15 Trends in Prescription Drug Benefits 

In this webinar we'll discuss the trending drug prices and learn more about the factors impacting your pharmacy benefit costs and plan design options.

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10/7/15 Cafeteria Plan Change in Status Rules

This webinar reviews the irrevocable election rules governing cafeteria plans and the circumstances under which elections may be changed during the year.

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9/23/15 Moving from Wellness to Total Health Management 

This webinar will cover the marketplace trend moving towards Total Health Management, why these trends are occurring and what results forward-thinking employers are driving towards.

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9/9/15 Compliance Webinar: FMLA Employee Benefits Plan

An overview of FMLA and a closer look at how the FMLA applies to employees enrolled in group health plan coverage at the time of their leave.

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9/2/15 Conduting Performance Reviews & Defining SMART Goals

Learn how to engage your employees and improve performance by using an effective performance review process.

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8/5/15 Wellness Programs and Creative Benefit Plan Designs

A review of the ACA’s new rules for wellness programs and their interaction with other federal laws such as the ADA and GINA.

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7/15/15 Consumer Directed Health Plans, HSA and other Account-Based Plans

During this webinar we discuss the rules relating to high deductible health plans and their interaction with account-based plans such as FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs.

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6/3/15 Updating the Employee Handbook

Time to dust off your employee handbook. Does it still reflect your company mission and culture as well as is it compliant with current federal and state laws?

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5/20/15 Defined Contribution Model & Private Exchange Trends

Learn the basics of a defined contribution model for health benefits, 2015 Private Exchange enrollment trends and how the Private Exchange model will continue to impact employers into 2016.

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4/8/15 Self-Funding Principles; Self-Insuring Group Health Plans

Stacy Barrow from our Compliance Team provides an overview of self-funding principles and offers considerations for employers thinking of self-insuring their group health plan in light of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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4/1/15 Population Health Management & Wellness Trends

In this webinar, Dr. Bruce Campbell will cover Wellness and Population Health Management trends for 2016 and discuss the future of Total Health Management for employers.

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3/25/15 Medical Claims Data Analysis

Evaluating claims data and what does it mean? Learn how to manage claims and control and project future claims.

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3/18/15 Captives as a Health Care Reform Strategy

Is a captive the right strategy for your company? During this webinar, we uncover why the vast majority of large employers self-fund and how you can join them.

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3/11/15 HR Technology and 6055 & 6056 Reporting

Affordable Care Act (ACA) important required reporting update. In this webinar Jamie Hawkins will review how you can be in a state of readiness for 6055 and 6056 reporting.

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