ACA Health Care Reform & Technology Webinar April 2014

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Tracking Employee Hours - Is Your Payroll System Ready?

Health Care Reform Reporting Requirements and Your Payroll Vendor – Do you know what questions to ask?
Health Care Reform has placed many new administrative burdens on employers and their payroll systems. One of the most onerous is the requirement that employers track and report employee hours. This single requirement has created significant stress and raised many questions.

Contact Group Services to address this difficult requirement in a simple and practical way.

Our HR Technology partner, Jamie Hawkins will help you:

  1. understand new reporting requirements
  2. know the questions you need to be asking your payroll vendor
  3. determine if your system can help you efficiently meet these requirements
  4. make the needed management decisions  

Jamie Hawkins - Employee Benefits Technology Jamie has been instrumental in helping employers identify how technology in today’s marketplace can streamline the way they administer their entire HR “back-office” functions. She has 18 years of industry experience and over 14 years specializing in Employee Benefits technology solutions for employer groups with 100-8,000 employees.