Group Services Iowa Pharmacy & Prescription Benefit Plan Management

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Insight into Prescription Benefit Plan Management

At Group Services, our Pharmacy Department services help you and your employees improve the quality and cost of pharmacy benefits. We know employers need help when it comes to effectively handling the cost and quality of their prescription benefit plans and Iowa Gropu Health Insurance. 

Through analytical reporting and expert clinical consulting services, Group Services is arming Illinois and Iowa employers with the knowledge needed to contain their prescription plan expenses and proactively manage their prescription benefit offerings.  Additionally, we evaluate Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) programs on an ongoing basis and make recommendations to employers for ways to improve  their coverage while also reducing overall costs.


  • Assist our clients with negotiating the terms of Pharmacy Benefit Management agreements.
  • We identify and explain potential impacts of prescription benefit plan changes in your employee benefit plans.
  • Our Pharmacy services enable convenient access to prescriptions at affordable prices.
  • We recommend ways to improve prescription benefit plans and have achieved significant savings for clients on annual prescription benefit plans.

Armand Dilanchian Pharmacy DirectorArmand Dilanchian is a clinically-trained Pharmacist with over 25 years of experience in managed care and pharmacy benefit management. His experience and innovation in pharmacy benefit administration and management is unique and is based on sound and proven methods.