GSI Webinar - Trends in Performance Management

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GSI Webinar - Trends in Performance Management

RECORDED: January 24, 2017

Imagine that you were running a sports organization. What would happen if the goal for the team was just to win, but little thought went into how they were going to do that? How successful do you think this team might be? 

Employees don’t often have individual goals or expectations that when added up, equal what the organization’s goals are. The traditional review process is changing. Millennials in particular want more constructive feedback. Companies are more focused on outcomes than activities. Join us on our webinar where we take a look at trends and suggestions for successful performance management.


Doug joins the Group Services team with 30+ years of human resources and operations management experience. He looks forward to using his experience and expertise to provide clients with human resources and compliance solutions that bring value and contribute to their success.  This is Doug’s passion and he looks forward to working with you.

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