7-6-16 BAN: ACA Reporting: Lessons Learned & Forecast

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7-6-16 BAN: ACA Reporting: Lessons Learned & Forecast

Recorded 7-6-16 ACA Reporting: Lessons Learned & Forecast

How did ACA reporting go for your organization? The first 1094/1095 reporting season for ACA has come and gone and businesses faced a number of challenged but there were also successes. Join President & CEO of Benefit Technology Resources, Jamie Hawkins, as she reviews different types of ACA providers, what you should expect from your ACA provider, what you should be looking out for now, and what you can be doing better. 
Webinar attendees will take away: 
• Mistakes made that we can all learn from. 
• How you can be better prepared for the 2016 reporting period. 
• Which providers succeeded, and which failed. 
• How to create your timeline - when do you need to act? 
Decision makers, human resource professionals and financial professionals in companies of all sizes will benefit from attendance. Let Jamie Hawkins and BAN provide guidance and a solution for this major industry pain point.
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Presenter: Jamie Hawkins
Jamie has been instrumental in helping employers identify how technology in today's marketplace can streamline the way they administer their entire HR "back-office" functions. She has 17 years of industry experience and over 13 years specializing in Employee Benefits technology solutions for employer groups with 100-8,000 employees.



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